Blue eye

Giant Blue eyed HAL bot in the episode Uncanny X-Men NES.

This gigantic robot is far bigger than any of the other Hal bots, and has a blue eye (unlike R.E.D, who has a red eye like the real HAL, and the other HAL bots, which have purple eyes), and is the cornerstone of the Shadow Overlord's plan to take over the world.


After R.O.B. destroyed the first army of HAL bots (save for R.E.D, who survived), the Evil Gamer and R.E.D created a second army to help them build a giant HAL bot capable of crushing both R.O.B. and The Irate Gamer.

This creature was completed at the end of the Uncanny X-Men NES review, and is set to be released upon Sandusky Ohio to destroy the city and kill both R.O.B. and the Irate Gamer. It can likely shoot out fire balls like the other HAL bots, and due to it's size, if it can, they will be like giant flamethrowers.

This creature is unleashed upon the city in the Power Rangers review, and begins destroying buidings while telling people to surrender to the Shadow Overlord. The Xmen try to stop it, but it easily kills them all.