HAL bots

The H.A.L bots were the creations of the Evil Gamer, and the minions of the Shadow lord, they were led by RED.


After HAL was defeated, Evil Gamer stole the oddessy so he could download the AI of the dead HAL into a bunch of robot bodies and create an army of minions to help him kill the Irate Gamer, free the overlord and take over the world. The result was a bunch of one eyed robots with black bodies that could shoot fireballs out of there hands.

The first one to be created was R.E.D, who helped with the other robots and became the R.O.B.leader of the army and the third in command. Evil and Red spent over two weeks creating the other bots so they could form an army.

All of the Hal bots (except red) had purple eyes, and all they could say was "hello Dave" and "Halt, you are my prisoner".

After their creation, there first mission was to take over Sandusky Ohio for the Shadow Lord, they would do this by taking people hostage and burning anyone who refused to be kidnapped with there fire powers. Before they could complete their assignment they were all destroyed by R.O.B.

Due to them still having access to the AI, Evil and R.E.D were able to create a second army, which they used to help them build a gigantic, blue eyed model of the HAL bots. Shadow Overlord, Evil Gamer, and R.E.D now plan to unleash it upon the city.