The Kool Aid Man is the mascot for Kool Aid, loved by niggers everywhere. He has been a part of the advertising ever since the 1970s. He is a giant living pitcher filled with Kool Aid, with drawn on eyes and a mouth. His catchphrase is "OH yeah!", which he yells while bursting through walls. His popularity was so huge, he ended up getting his own comic series, as well as two video games.

On the Irate Gamer show Edit

The Kool Aid Man is a recurring character on the show, played by Chris Bores (actor). Like in the comics and commercials, he usually bursts into Chris Bores (character) room through the walls. Unlike in the comics and commercials, he is usually depicted only saying words or phrases that begin with an "O" sound, such as "Oh no!", "Okay!", and, of course, his trademark "Oh yeah!", though there are sometimes where he says other words.

He first appears in the Kool Aid episode, where Chris reviews both games. Throughout the review, the Kool Aid Man keeps destroying the walls in Chrisis room. At the end of the episode, after having destroyed four walls, Kool Aid Man is killed by Chris, who turns his corpse into a giant drinking machine.

He reappears alive and well In the Cool Spot review, now on good terms with Chris. He and several other characters cheer Chris on as he plays the game.

Kool Aid Man also appears in the Silver Surfer and Power Rangers reviews.