R.E.D (Robotic Electromatic Device) is the leader of the H.A.L robots created by the Evil Gamer.


The character has a black suit, black gloves, black mask and a red eye. His figure is exactly the same as Irate Gamer, keeping with the theme of Irate Gamer facing common decency.


As his name implies, R.E.D is the only one of the H.A.L bots with a red eye.

R.E.D was the first of the robots to be created, and helped Evil Gamer create the others. For this, Evil Gamer made him a lieutenant in the Shadow Overlords army, and the apparent third in command.

R.E.D was the only HAL bot to survive R.O.B.'s attack, and helped Evil Gamer create a second army to replace the first. R.E.D also created a Giant blue eyed HAL bot to use to destroy the city, kill the irate gamer and R.O.B., end the Irate Gamer shows reign of tyranny. R.E.D briefly appears at the end of the story arc. After Chris and his friends defeat the giant HAL bot, it falls on the overlord and kills him. R.E.D and Evil go out for pizza.