The Devil image

Played by:

Chris Bores

First appearence:

Ghosts N Goblins




Evil Gamer





Satan or The Devil (sometimes refered to by fans and haters of the show as Devil Bores) is a recurring minor character on the Irate Gamer show. He is played by Chris Bores.


The Devil appears in many reviews. The Devil is usually just used for cutaway gags but also to symbolize the satanic nature of the show. The only time he played a central role in an episode was in the "Monster Party" review, where he was one of two antagonists, the other one being the Evil Gamer.

The Devil first appeared in the "Ghosts N Goblins" review, where he negotiated Irate Gamer's contract for deed for certain private estates. By the time of the "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" review, Satan tells Evil Gamer that he doesn't really belong in hell and Evil Gamer leaves hell.

Later, in the "Monster Party" review, his old friend Evil Gamer brought him to Earth so he could persuade him to kill Chris Bores. He agreed but found that Chris was simply too satanic and self-destructive that there was no real reason to accelerate his death. The video ends with him, IG, and Ronnie going out to a bar where they run into Evil Gamer who tells him they had an agreement, but The Devil calms him down and offers for him to hang out with them and eat some cheesecake. Evil Gamer could not do so since he had to go to a party.

In the "Castlevania" review, he offers to help Chris beat Frankenstein in exchange for his soul. However, even Satan fails to beat Frankenstein and leaves in frustration. After Chris manages to beat Dracula and the game, Satan shows up to collect Chris' soul, falsely taking credit for the victory and playing dirty on their deal. Chris does the exact same by summoning Satan's worst fear, Frankenstein, who scares him away. 


  • The Devil on the show is portrayed similar to that of Satan on South Park, minus the homosexuality, in that he is portrayed much less frightening than in most other media, having never killed anyone onscreen.
  • In the episode of reviewing Ghosts and Goblin, Satan mentions he "must quit smoking" as he coughs while mocking Irate Gamer.
  • In the second part of History of Video Games, when Irate Gamer mentions accessories of Magnavox Odyssey, especially the light gun is too hard to come by today, someone even willing to use his soul for exchange. Satan appears and offers him the gun in exchange for his soul.