Sword irate gamer
The Sword of Inferno is a magic sword given to Chris by the Monks to help him defeat the Shadow Overlord


By shouting "By the power of Inferno", the sword's wielder can transform making the wielder shirt red.

While transformed the wielder is better at video games and can also transform someone else by firing a magical blast of lightning from the sword. Practicing with the sword can help the wielder to master the power of Inferno, which allows them to perform acts of magic even without the sword, such as summoning surfboards that can go inside TVs. The sword appears to invoke flit degrees of energy.

The sword is first seen in the He-Man review, when the younger monk gives the sword to Irate Gamer to use. While the sword is not seen in the Silver Surfer review, Irate Gamer does use the "Inferno Force" to fight the Pixel Demon

In the Uncanny X-Men review, Irate Gamer, who at this point has mastered the power of Inferno, demonstrates the ability to transform without the sword and switch back whenever he wants to at will.While transformed, Irate Gamer demonstrated the ability to fire a blast of energy powerful enough to kill the X-Men member Cyclops.


The sword is a parody of He-Man's sword.